Bottle recycling containers

Supplied in bright red with large graphics and holds up to 1standard bottles. Click on one of the three boxes below i. Update your data or add the recycling locator to your website .

Kitchen recycling bins, Skid pallet and Old pallets. Mixed recycling must be clean and empty of food waste before putting it into the mixed recycling bin e. Please put the right material in your recycling bins. Things that can go in your brown bin include: glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles (but not the lids), tins, .

You can now recycle all plastic food containers and Tetra-Paks in the Blue Bins. You should use your recycling containers for the following items: Red lidded. Being waste-aware will increase the amount that goes into the recycling bin and reduce the amount.

Plastic bottle lids, even if is the same type of plastic, should be placed in your rubbish bin. Separate containers are often provided for paper, tin or aluminum cans, and glass or plastic bottles. If you need additional recycling bins, reusable bags or an indoor kitchen caddy. Top tip: rinse out and squash plastic bottles to make more room in your bin. You can order extra recycling containers free of charge.

Blue bins and clear recycling sacks are for mixed recycling.

Items allowed in your grey bin. The bins can accept the same materials that are . The following items can be recycled in your green recycling bin. The only plastics you can put in your recycling bin are plastic bottles and containers.

Plastic bags cannot be recycled due to the automated sorting machinery. The mixed recycling bins have blue lids and can be used to recycle paper and cardboar glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and containers, and metal tins, . Find out about everything you can put in your recycling bin. Only glass bottles and glass food containers will be collected.

All bottles and jars should be rinsed prior to being put out for collection. See which container to use for each type of household recycling. Our choice of recycling bins for business offer solutions to meet your materials, space and accessibility requirements. As more things are able to be recycle the world of recycling grows.

Most houses in Wakefield have three household bins – one green and two brown. We can recycle and reuse up to (including from your green bin), but . Recycling plastic bottles logo Recycling cans logo.