First alert 4 beeps

This guides is made for First Alert carbon monoxide detector especially Model CO600. Understanding CO detector alarm sounds – Beep and Chirp. If they are all going off you can find the smoke alarm that first tripped by. NOTE: The unit may beep briefly when you install the batteries. The alarm pattern is four short beeps – followed by five seconds of.

View and Download First Alert CO4user manual online. BATTERY OPERATED CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM. After four minutes, the pause will . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for First Alert SCO5CN Battery. I tried Lithium 9V batteries in the old alarms and two out of four had corrosion on the positive terminal.

Not chirps like the battery is low, but full alarm beeps. A collection of questions which we are often askedn by our customers. WHAT TO DO FIRST–IDENTIFY THE TYPE OF ALARM.

Type of Alarm What You See and Hear. To learn more about your CO alarm, contact your manufacturer. Carbon Monoxide CO Light: (CO) Flashing RED.

Alarm Guide that will let you know what each alert means. The First Alert CO6carbon monoxide alarm uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide. Audio Alarm (beeps, pause, beeps), rapidly flashing red light. Smoke alarm chirps (short beep) periodically.

If the CO condition that caused the alert in the first place continues, the alarm will reactivate. DIGITAL DISPLAY: During the simulated CO alarm .