Grub control application

To control grubs most effectively, water the lawn the day before you plan to spike it. Last August we had an infestation of grubs in the lawn. White grubs (the larvae of various scarab beetles) are common pests of turf in.

Applications after early June may result in reduced efficacy for grub control, but . Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Award-winning lawn care company explains the best time to apply grub control to kill grubs in your grass. If you have grub worms in your lawn, this guide will help you learn when to apply grub control and lawn grub treatments.

Perhaps the major lawn concern of summer is white grubs, in particular if they. Should milky spore be put down at a . Damage from white grubs in lawns can show up anytime after mid-August. White grub management decisions are difficult and frustrating If you choose to apply . The brown patches they leave on your lawn are an eyesore that are just ugly. Want to prevent grubs in your lawn this year? First make certain damage is from grubs.

Then apply grub control while grubs are in the larval . While Not Harmful to New Grass, Perhaps Wait to Apply Grub Killer.

G is for broadcast application on and around turfgrass, ornamentals,. White Grubs, including black turfgrass Ataenius Beetles, European Chafers, . Japanese beetles and northern masked chafer grubs are the predominant. The window of time to treat your lawn for grubs is now through July 14. Although labeled for late April through August application, to ensure adequate.

G Insecticide cannot exceed 80. Special traps for moles are the most effective method of control. Applying grub control products on your lawn usually does not control moles as they also feed on . Apply Merit in May through August for preventive grub control on turfgrass and. Every year grubs cause millions of dollars in damage to lawns.

All across America lawns are affected by grubs. Nematodes will not kill the entire grub population in your lawn, but . After application, irrigate moderately but thoroughly being sure to avoid . This product should be applied in late May to early June for season long grub control. The soil should be wet before application and watered after application to . These include imidacloprid (Merit) and . If you find five or fewer grubs per square foot, you need not apply grub control.

The lawn will withstand the amount of feeding these few grubs do.