Hot water heater in attic

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Report another imagePlease report the offensive image. Never seen this, but our hot water heater was in our crawl space . Bringing down your water heater from the attic should not be difficult. As shown in my video, the process can.

I want to put the hot water tank in the attic. Shut-off valve located on cold water side. Turn off water heater, Turn off water at city connection.

Water Heater In Attic Yes Or No. To avoid these water heater outages, proper attic ventilation must be present. Soffit and ridge vents allow for natural convection of the hot attic air to be . The house we bought new years ago has the hot water heater in the attic.

This has always bothered me, since you could get catastrophic . I plan on draining this evening.

Any idea on how to lower it down from the . Forum discussion: So the time has come to replace the water heater that is. Check to see if water heaters installed in attics have adequate . This is the most common place hot water heaters seem to go. The pull-down-stairs to the attic allows access. The only way water steam can get into the attic is through the central heating tank or the hot water storage tank, either through the expansion pipe or the outlets . I ended up pulling the gas water heater out and installing the hpwh this last.

The intake air is being drawn from the hot attic and the exhaust is . Find out about the problems and how to solve them for the proper attic installation. In many parts of the country, water heaters are commonly placed in the attic. Hot water heaters can be found in basements, closets, garages, and attics. Attic location can make sense in the summer when the attic is hot so the water heater has an ample source of heat, and the cooled air reduces . Because, The attic makes it easy for venting through the roof. Our hot water heater is in the attic and the floor it sits on is the ceiling in my husbands closet.

If your water heater is leaking, what do you do? After removing some sheet rock in kitchen and master bedroom determined leak was in attic. Browse other questions tagged water-heater attic pilot-light or ask your own question.

An insulation blanket can make some water heaters more energy efficient.