How to remove graffiti from concrete

Video from Equipment Trade Service Company Inc. Taginator product in Wilmington, DE. Removing Graffiti from Concrete.

Concrete barriers, buildings, and sidewalks are prime spots for graffiti artists to make their mark. However, some graffiti removal . The power washer experts at Pressure Washers Direct have written a . SoSafe Blue Label Gel graffiti remover for concrete, .

Carved masonry or architectural brickwork, . Spray paint is the common choice for applying graffiti to concrete, and it. With the proper cleaning solution and tools you can clean the graffiti off the concrete. Higher pressure machines are capable of removing spray paint from concrete and asphalt driveways, but low pressure machines may remove small amounts of . It is amazing how it can strip concrete bare, even after years of wear.

If it is ground in, you might end up with ghost-like spots, but spray paint . One of the toughest cleaning tasks that homeowners, businesses and government authorities face these days is eliminating graffiti from concrete surfaces. NOTE: this is still raw video . The key steps in effective graffiti removal are: 1.

An expert guide to graffiti removal provided by Tensid UK Ltd. Cementitious materials (cast stone, concrete). Do not paint over graffiti on previously unpainted masonry or concrete, as it may damage the material, . Should work on your driveway too. Sometimes it is very difficult to remove spray paint.

Use extra strength paint remover, graffiti remover or Peel Away. To remove graffiti from any surface will require water pressure and . Many commercial products are suitable for removing spray-paint and felt tip markings from concrete surfaces. These products are generally effective also for . Disclaimer: I DID NOT invent this style of graffiti, just made it easier and put it into an.

The quick mobile removal of tags . You are now cleaning up some cement selectively! Beyond its unsightliness, the cleanup and removal of graffiti costs American taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Excellent for brick and concrete surfaces.

SLShadow Lifter – a specially formulated acid cleaner for the removal of stubborn graffiti shadows from brickwork, stone and concrete. It is the workhorse for the most difficult of porous surface removal requirements – ELEPHANT SNOT penetrates deeply into concrete, cement, brick, grout, stone, . Any advice as to how to remove or cover it up? I was originally planning to color-stain the concrete driveway before the graffiti was made.