Liquid plumr vs drano

ATOT Bruce Lee vs Coke memorial spokesperson. Either product might work, but they hardly ever work really well. They are all very strong chemicals that work at dissolving fats and oils.

Neither drano or liquid plumber is that good for normal drain cleaning, . Sink drain clog remover comparison (liquid-plumr full clog vs liquid-plumr urgent clear). Whether it is your toilet or kitchen sink, this . The liquid plumber with the plastic snake works really well.

It fits nicely into the toilet bowl drain, giving your thrusts more “oomph”. CLR Power Plumber Pressurized Drain Opener Plunger Kit Report Abuse. Lebron vs Jordan – Who will be the best of all time?

Drano Max Gel Clog Remover Report Abuse. I had biomold and needed help getting rid of it. I tried Draino, Liquid Plumr and yours. Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Clog Remover, Full Clog Destroyer, Ounces, 80.

I have also used the Liquid Plumr Power Jet and Liquid Plumr Pro. PM thoroughly, completely OT: Liquid Plumr vs.

The products come in different sizes and different formulations. Buy Liquid Plumr Clog Remover, Gel, Professional Strength fl oz (qt) 9ml and other Kitchen products at Rite Aid. That is Liquid Plumber Power Gel. Find Drain and other Cleaning Supplies. I regularly pour this caustic or acid liquid down the drain . Seriously, listen to the warnings from . Mister Plumber contained less than of Hydroxide where Drano . Some swear by it, others call it liquid fire.

Last week, I really, really clogged the garbage disposal. The News for South Mississippi. If you share your home with small children, liquid drain openers are the kinds of . I hate chemicals like Liquid Plumber, Draino, etc.

I thought Draino contains bleach.