Quiet hand dryers

A selection of quiet hand dryers that we have independently tested to provide sound level measurements you can trust. Order online now for free delivery. Facilities managers are becoming increasingly concerned about installing quiet hand dryers where ever possible.

Loud hand dryers such as the Dyson Airblade, Xlerator and Airforce hand dryer can make washrooms and areas. Addvent AVHAutomatic Hand Dryer, 1. A quiet hand dryer ideal for noise sensitive areas measuring only decibels. Hand dryers with low noise DB ratings perfect for quiet areas.

Browse our range of low noise quiet hand dryers today. Handy Dryers are delighted that following independent noise testing by the world-renowned Noise Abatement Society, two of our Hand Dryers h. ProDryers offers the quietest hand dryers on the planet. How is noise is measured with hand dryers? They produce up to less COthan some other hand dryers and up to less than paper . Your commercial facility can save money with the energy efficient Mitsubishi Jet Towel hand dryer. Dries hands fast and adds style to any . The advanced features and benefits of the Airdri range of hand driers: life.

Elegant, powerful yet quiet hand dryers for use in many situations where hygiene and conveniance are important.

The ThinAir high-spee energy-efficient hand dryer model is surface mounted and. The latest evolution of the original low energy dual-jet hand dryer . Because as impressive as drying your hands in just seconds is,. Airblade hand dryers even better by reducing their noise by 5o . Bluezone Hand Dryer, Dri-zone ADA Slim Quick Drying Hand Dryer, Blade Hand Dryers Stainless Steel Cover, XL Pro High Speed Hand Dryer xlerator.

The new 550W EcoCurve Eco Hand Dryer uses patented curved air hand. Wholesale quiet hand dryers from China quiet hand dryers Wholesalers Directory. You can Online Wholesale hand drier,hand dryers,hand dryer,electric hand . Bremmer has an extensive hand dryer range suitable for use in many locations. Each of our hand dryer products is powerful yet quiet for their class.

In the past quiet hand dryers were rubbish. So people made dryers faster and noisier to get quicker drying times. Quiet Hand Dryers – do they work?