Reflective traffic cones

All and traffic cones are available with and high-intensity reflective collars. A fire engine equipped with pumps and hoses must carry five traffic cones with double reflective stripes as well as five hazard flares or carry five pop-up . Premium grade PVC construction assures flexible yet rugged durability.

Specify type of traffic cone and size of collars . M safety cones are used for traffic safety and control, construction sites, hazard marking . Increases driver and pedestrian awareness. Brilliant flourescent orange PVC flow-molded over .

Recommended for surveying or highway construction. Replacement Sleeves for traffic cones and road cones, ideal for use when cone sleeves are damaged yet the cone is in good order. Great quality at an affordable price. CCTRAFFIC CONE REFLECTIVE COLLAR. The long lasting brilliant fluorescent Orange and Lime . Our inch traffic cone is fully recyclable and contains are over percent post-consumer materials.

Orange inch traffic cone is available lbs or 12. The JBC Revolution Series utilizes premium grade PVC injection molding technology to produce extremely durable traffic cones. Features 3M reflective collars .

Dense, heavy duty 1 recycled PVC product manufactured in the UK Single piece with reflective sleeve. Minimize road risks with brilliant safety orange traffic cones that are visible from long distances. Stackable 750mm hard PVC safety cone with solid rubber base, UV stabilisers and reflective band for higher visibility. Ideal for use in traffic control or workplace . Highway compliant reflective traffic cones ideal for delineation on most roads. How to apply and reflective collars (stripes) according to MUTCD specifications.

Reflective collars for added visibility day or night Hea. These cone collars are up to three times brighter than other collars on the market. All-vinyl construction withstands roadside conditions High-intensity reflective collars for enhanced visibility Slimline Traffic Cone stays durable and flexible. These reflective cones are ideal for roadworks, civil engineering, schools and carparks etc. They have the same elevation as conventional traffic cones and may be.

Flexible PVC composition for all weather. We carry the wrap around collars that . Fluorescent orange with UV stabilizers. Available in heights of 450mm and 700mm, with or without . Collapsible traffic cones with heavy-duty rubber bases that resist moving.