Replace a sink drain

After years of use, bathroom sink drains can rust. It is an inexpensive and simple task to replace them. Tool Dude Tony walks you through the.

The drain collar, or flange, in your bathroom sink helps connect the waste pipe and drain of your sink. Over time, the metal of the collar can become discolore . Drain Traps are easy to replace. This Home Depot guide walks you through the process of replacing drain traps underneath your sink.

Always turn off your water supply before attempting to fix plumbing issues. Before calling that plumber, sit back and learn how to install that drain yourself. If your new sink has different dimensions and drain location(s) than the unit it will replace, you may need to modify the countertop . But it needs to be done correctly, so there are not any leaks.

In recent decades, sink drain plumbing is done with plastic pipe and fittings. This has mostly replace the old chrome plated brass pipe that was . This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey replaces an ol faulty pop-up drain. At Danco, we make parts that make it easy . Get real costs for your SPECIFIC project .

The leak is coming from where the plastic nut on the drain pipe meets the bottom of the bathroom sink. I installed the sink drain pipe with the included rubber sealing washer and. Learn more about kitchen and bathroom drain installation costs with our cost estimator and tips.

When something blocks the sink drain to the point that the water does not drain at all, it is time to repair . Most plumbing problems are noticed where water enters and leaves the home. Learn how to fix sinks, tubs, and drains with these helpful instructions. Be sure to put the nut and wedge shaped seal on the new drain pipe in the . This expert guide shows how drain stoppers work and how . I bet the gasket in the sink strainer is leaking.

Sink drain stoppers trap water in the bathroom sink so that you can use it for washing or any other needs. A small valve in the base of the line detects excess water flow and shuts off preventing further damage and flooding. You purchase the faucet, drain, and pop-up assembly . If you are also replacing the sink drain, .