Should i stain my fence

So last year I built a new fence with green (pressure treated) wood. I’m thinking that I should probably stain it to protect it, but is that necessary¬†. Whether or not to stain pine fences is primarily a matter of preference. Most woods, including treated pine, will eventually fade to a silver gray color. Stain cannot penetrate as deeply as the treatment, and is unlikely to add any usable preservative to treated lumber. Wood fence with pressure treated posts and cedar planking.

Do the cedar planks need to be stained and/or treated to prevent rotting? How to stain or paint a timber fence. How to prepare the fence and then stain it, including which equipment you should use. Should you paint or stain a fence?

While both methods have their proponents, we argue in favor of staining. On a stained and sealed fence, if water no longer beads up on the surface, but instead soaks in, it may be time for maintenance. In buying wood for fences, people should get pressure-treated wood for posts, says Ethan Elaison, co-owner of Elaison Lumber in Fresno. If you have a pressure treated fence- YOU SHOULD WAIT. Many people who have a wooden fence simply don’t take on board the.

Lazy Susan’s tips on how often you should stain or seal your fence. You could also go down the sprayer route, but my experience with these¬†.