Vanity short code

CSCs that are specifically requested. There are two types of short codes in SMS marketing: “random” short codes and “vanity” short codes. Random short codes are exactly what .

The only difference is that vanity short codes are requested by the applicant. Each option has distinct pros and . Most reputable mobile marketing companies like . Get Started with SMS Texting using Short Codes and Inbound Numbers.

They have the advantage of being memorable and adding to brand . On the other han since vanity . Get your own dedicated shortcode for all of your text marketing campaigns. A vanity shortcode is one that allows you choose what your number is going to be. What it is: A personalized short code that mobile users can dial to reach you via text message for promotions, requests or other specified . A random short code costs about $500. Get started with an SMS Short Code from Sinch today.

SMS messages over certified US short codes. Vanity Short Code, $75 $1000 .

Currently, there are two types of short codes available: random and vanity. Dedicated Short Codes with options for random and vanity codes to protect . All codes are numeric, but vanity short codes typically spell out . But prior to that, those short codes must be checked with carriers to make sure about their availability. Often vanity short codes are preferred by businesses . Shortcodes can be randomly assigne or, like license plates, companies can select vanity short codes for an extra fee. Instant SMS Text message connectivity on short codes or long codes we provide in our application or through API and at.

Shortcode SMS is the ideal mechanism to get in touch with your customers. Dedicated short codes can either be random short codes or vanity short codes. Using Short Codes for Mobile Marketing (SMS and Text Messaging).

New Short Code applications are normally considered every Tuesday. In order to have your application considere it must be submitted before 1:PM (EST) . Common Short Codes (CSC) offer marketers unique opportunities to engage their audiences via text messaging. These CSCs are five or six digit codes that may .