Pressure washer no pressure

This is the single most common reason for low and no pressure in your pressure washer. Ever wondered how pressure washers work? At this point, spray water out of the trigger gun until you no longer hear any pops. Your pressure washer will deliver different spray patterns for . The most common pressure washer fault is […]

Need new windows

There are many good reasons to replace your old windows. Not to mention the resale value new windows generate. Look for these signs as indicators that old windows need to be replaced:. Every home will need new windows at some point. Homeowners replace windows to repair damage, save money by reducing energy . Tell-tale Signs You […]

Powers plumbing

Powers Plumbing and Heating Ltd provides specialist, plumbing and heating services throughout South London and its surrounding counties. Since 191 Powers Plumbing in San Diego provides plumbing, remodels or repairs for leaks, drain clogs, gas and water service 619-295-2115. Powers Plumbing I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Robert at Powers Plumbing. […]

Lawn fertilizer and dogs

The dilemma with the application of lawn fertilizer is that it goes exactly where your dog wants to put his nose. Although it is safest to avoid using chemicals dangerous to your pets, it is probably safe to allow your pets on fertilized lawns after the lawn has . Our dogs appreciate our lawns as much […]

Changing a hot water heater

Unheated water enters one side of the tank. Unsure if your water heater needs repair or replacement? A full guide to replacing your hot water storage cylinder. Turn off the cold water supply to the cylinder, either by isolating the cold water storage tank or by . We offer same-day hot water heater repair if you […]

Scott toilet paper dispenser

Find great deals on for Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser in Industrial Toilet Paper Dispensers. Professional White Aquarius Interfolded Hand Towel Dispenser. Shop for dispenser keys, cam locks, and more at Dispenserkeys. FREE shipping on select orders. High quality stainless steel dispenser for two toilet rolls. Brass Toilet Paper Holder Patent Dec. This product white, 2ply, […]

Lg all in one washer dryer reviews

Compare it to other washer dryer combos in our review. Washer Dryer Combo Review: Two Machines in One. This LG washer-dryer may pack in some high-tech goodies but it . Use LG Electronics White High-Efficiency All-in-One Washer and Electric. RPM provides good water extraction to help with efficient drying . The second benefit is that they save […]

Yard sprinkler repair

These simple lawn irrigation system fixes will solve percent of the common breakdowns. On Saturday Luis arrived and got to work on our yar he found sprinkler heads . I was having problems with my back yard sprinklers not working properly. Are broken sprinklers killing your lawn? We expertly perform sprinkler repairs, . Are the pop-up sprinkler […]

How to tune up air conditioner

For homes without a central air-conditioning system, a window air conditioner can mean the difference between a miserable summer day and a comfortable interior. Like any major appliance, however, the window AC must be maintained periodically for the best cool-air output. Tune up procedures are key to keeping the . Summer is almost upon us and […]

Seattle gutter installation

Three guys showed up on time and efficiently installed the gutters. Join over million homeowners that have . Our unique expertise is in crafting NEW gutter installations of the highest quality and durability, exclusively. Homeowners should have them installed if: a. See costs, licenses and reviews from friends and neighbors. Get the best info on local […]