Absorbent oil pads

Premier Maintenance Pads – Pack of 100. Hydrophobic material means these pads will absorb oil whilst repelling water. Products – Oil absorbents manufactured in the UK by Darcy.

Extensive range of oil absorbents including pads, socks, rolls, cushions, booms and granules. Buy absorbent products designed to clear fluid spills in Gol Natural,. Absorbent Pads to soak up and clean up all kinds of spills.

Industrial grade absorbent pads ideal for demanding enviroments.

Use any where liquids may spill splash or drip. Will absorb oils off the surface of water. Free delivery on eligible orders.

OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS PK 6SIZE : 500MM(20) X 400MM(16)CAN BE USED INSIDE OR OUTSIDETHE PADS ACT QUICKLY AND ARE SUITABLE . You can use Ecospill absorbent pads anywhere that fluids have leaked or spilt. Oil only absorbent pads from Fentex. A complete range of oil only pads, rolls, socks and toppers for use on land or water.

The most widely used absorbent pad: the melt-blown polypropylene material will handle all oil spills or catch leaks and drips from machinery on land or water. They are also an excellent item to .

They repel water and absorb only petroleum-based fluids to ensure . Superweight absorbent pads for oil and fuel that hold up to 1. Grab these water-repellent mats to absorb oil, diesel, petrol and fuel anywhere. The pads work by absorbing the oil without taking up any . Oil and fuel pads and mats are ideal for all hydrocarbon spills. Made in Australia and colour-coded white, oil and fuel pads and mats will repel water and only . Made to absorb oil, coolant, hydraulic flui . Un-dimpled and not perforated oil absorbent pads for oil spill clean up.

Very fast wicking property and an extremely high absorbency. Quantum Oil Pads will selectively absorb oil and repel water so can be used on land or water to absorb leaks, drips and spills or use to keep . Wide range of oil absordent pads and rolls forcleaning and absorbing oil spills on land and on water. As with all oil absorbents, water resistant so to . SOPEP lightweight oil absorbent pads for oil related spills.

Safety signs and safety equipment direct from the UK Safety Store, including health and safety signs, safety equipment, construction signs and workplace safety . Stocking up on sorbent products and spill kits from Grainger keeps you prepared to handle water, petroleum, chemical and other spill containment situations.