Absorbent socks

The workhorse of industrial absorbents, our Water Absorbent products are so versatile that they’ll absorb all kinds of oil based or water based spill. Ideal for larger spills when used in conjunction with absorbent socks and pads. Economical Maintenance Absorbent Socks, in.

For spills of oil, chemicals or water – in even the toughest industrial plant, cleanest lab or clinical environment – we have the right Absorbent Socks for robust and reliable spill containment. Premier Chemical Socks – Pack of 20. Products reviewed by the trade and home improvers.

Where liquids need to be contained and absorbe your best choice is one or more of these Ecospill absorbent socks.

Absorbent socks from the Workplace Depot are essential for hazardous spillage control in the workplace. Buy online today to ensure the safety of your staff and . Browse our selection of Universal Absorbent Socks. Free Big Spatula with $2order. Shop Grainger for absorbent socks and booms. Protect your machinery from leaks and spills.

Description: Our gray universal absorbent socks are filled with super absorbent polypropylene to soak up spills fast. Next day delivery available on most items, free delivery on orders over £20! Surround spills to prevent spreading with our heaviest absorbent sock.

Extra-fine vermiculite filler pulls in liquid and hugs . Absorb oil, water, grease, transmission fluid and coolants conveniently with this EverSoak Medium-Duty Absorbent Socks. General purpose absorbent socks from Fentex. Performance quality Oil only (hydrophobic) absorbent sock from the Lubetech range. Superb absorbent quality and retention.

Double-knitted skin to maximise . Our Oil Only absorbent socks are hydrophobic, they will repel water and will only absorb oil or hydrocarbon based products. They will float on water and are . MBT absorbent socks can be used in numerous ways. SERPRO Oil-Only Absorbent Socks, Booms and Skimmers are designed to skim off petroleum-based fluids from bodies of water and form an essential part of . The Original Absorbent PIG Sock stops spills from spreading. It also gives the sock ability to expand and . Premium quality socks with quick high absorbent capacity. Dispenser box for easy handling and storage.

Robust and specifically designed to trap and hold fluids. An essential component of your spill response plan. Grey general maintenance socks .