Biological drain cleaner

A powerful blend of selected micro-organisms. Ideal for sinks, baths, showers and kitchen. Shop online for pushchairs, car seats, baby feeding, nursery and more at Amazon.

Erica Buist pours over the possibilities. Environmentally friendly solution for drain maintenance. Contains natural bacteria ( billion per ml), yielding.

Lowers COBO Suspended Solids.

Blocked drains are caused by the presence of solidified organic waste, whether that. Drain cleaners are not all the same. I strongly recommend the use of enzyme drain cleaner for maintaining your drains.

We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices. This ready to use concentrate bio-formulated drain cleaner has be. They use bacteria or enzymes that . For fast breakdown of organic material Fat – Grease and other problematic waste.

Product designed to prevent odours and organic blockage in pipes and vats of fat. Recommended for public areas and industries where grease continually .

Intended to the preventive maintenance of piping It eliminates bad smells. This new formula is enriched with enzymes. Acid drain cleaners work via chemical reaction between the hydronium ion and the.

These products are usually split into biological and chemical cleaners, with . We try to offer you the best price and best deals on the Knock Out Biological Drain . Biological drain cleaner containing bacteria to digest fats and organic matter. Needs regular dosing to build up the bacterial action and . Use of ordinary drain cleaners, hot water, detergents, bleach, or ammonia is ineffective. Enzyme free biological drain cleaner, opener and maintainer. Biotrap biological drain cleaner 5l C153.

Each) Case Quantity: Lead Time: Days. Our biological cleaning products blend harmless strains of naturally occurring. Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace.

These non toxic drain cleaners are economical and fast acting. Biological cleaners such as Bio-Clean are comprised of various enzymes, surfactants, and . ECOLAB AUTO-DOSED BIOLOGICAL DRAIN CLEANER DEGREASER 5LTR.