Clear polyethylene sheeting

Wilko Get Gardening Multi Purpose Poly Sheet Clear 6mx2m. The higher the gauge the thicker the polythene. An all purpose film for the home garden and greenhouse.

Features: Prevents aggregates from being ground into subsoil and inhibits weed ground. Clear polyethylene sheeting comes on rolls up to 2ft. Material, Recycled polyethylene.

Polythene Sheet Heavy Duty Gauge.

Giant sheeting ideal cover for lumber, walls and scaffolding. Clear or translucent polyethylene sheets are strong transmitters of . Polyethylene sheeting has many names. It goes by the names poly sheeting, plastic sheeting, plastic film,polyethylene sheet, and poly film to . Family: Co-poly Sheeting , Length: 100ft , Width: 10ft , Gauge: 4mil , Color: Clear. CC4- Clear copoly sheeting . Protect equipment, machinery, and products.

One advantage of clear poly sheeting over black poly is the . Our CWC translucent polyethylene sheeting transmits sunlight and trap heat.

Tough material for construction and agriculture applications. Buy Clear Ploythene Sheeting for Your Garden Tunnels. Shop Online for Best Prices on Clear Plastic Sheeting.

Construction sheeting made from polyethylene which provides for optimum in economy and performance. Weatherproof, rotproof, and chemical resistant. Good-quality medium-weight clear polythene sheeting. Highly versatile: ideal for covering, protection, lining and much more! Three-layer horticultural membrane.

Owing to its unique three-layer structure, the CAMPOILA horticultural membrane meets the highest requirements of . Find Husky Clear Poly Sheeting, mil. It depends on your environment and how much light is blocked. Clear Plastic Poly Sheeting can be used to protect equipment, machinery and materials from dust, moisture and dirt.