Commerical ice makers

Having the best commercial ice maker is critical to ensuring your establishment is successful in delivering cold drinks to your customer. Heavy duty ice machines with built in water filter is an apt solution for bar or restaurant. Professional installation included on larger models.

Simply manually fill the internal reservoir, . Ideal for bars and restaurants. Free delivery on orders over £(excl. VAT).

A commercial ice maker from KaTom can provide the ice your facility needs for drinks, displays, and dispensing.

Famous for our commercial ice makers, we also offer other items for the professional kitchen: commercial dishwashers, ovens, and industrial water filters. The range of ice makers available includes . Choose the best commercial ice machine for your business. Flaked ice machines, ideal for fish mongers and supermarkets, can also be used in cocktails and drinks. Industrial ice flakers for all your business requirements. View our range of commercial ice machines, ideal for pubs, restaurants and hospitality events.

To give you an example of what to expect, one of our commercial ice makers can produce 40KG of ice in hours. Not only visually appealing, the . Hoshizaki Ice Ball Maker IM-65NE-Q.

Order from top brands such as Ice-O-Matic and Manitowoc . Polar Manual Fill Counter Top Ice. We deliver Ice Makers Manchester wide to bars and other buisnesses. Check out the latest compact commercial ice machines . Ice Makers, Ice Machines Icemakers Ice Cube Making Machines distributor across the UK. Save on commercial ice makers for your restaurant.

See an animation of how commercial icemakers form cubes of standard shape and. You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. We have ice makers, filters and bins from top brands including Ice-O-Matic and . Holiday Ice offers commercial ice machines and industrial ice makers.

Includes eligibility criteria and partner commitments, which are required in order for your product to qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. Batch type ice maker means an ice maker having alternate freezing and harvesting periods. This includes automatic commercial ice makers that produce cube . Commercial Ice Machines are great for many different types of businesses. The Department of Energy (DOE) develops standardized data templates for reporting the of tests conducted in accordance with current DOE test .