Comtec industries toilet partitions

Read about how these low maintenance plastic toilet and urinal partitions look great while saving you time and money. Scranton Products Bathroom Partitions: Hiny Hiders, Eclipse Partitions . We carry cubicle track from Grant Hardware (Salsbury Industries) and .

Our product range includes toilet compartments, shower cubicles and . We not only offer one of the finest quality toilet . Steel, high-pressure laminate and phenolic toilet partitions. Stretcher level quality, cold-rolled steel.

Rynat specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial toilet and shower partitioning systems, lockers and bench seating. These toilet compartments are corrosion, impact, . Solid-plastic toilet compartments configured as toilet enclosures and urinal. Selling Bathroom Partitions Hinges for concealed and Surface Mount for over years. Division Section Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories. Unlocking the Secrets of Locker Designs and Toilet-Partition Selections.

PHOTO COURTESY OF COMTEC INDUSTRIES . Toilet partitions, toilet and bathroom accessories, including grab bars, mirrors, napkin dispensers, hand dryers, urinal screens and baby. Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.

General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation. Solid Plastic Resin Toilet Compartments: 1. Knickerbocker Partition Corporation. Shower and Dressing Compartments . Mills Partitions (Bradley Corporation). Section Includes: Toilet partitions and urinal screens,. High density polyethylene solid plastic toilet compartments, minimum thick.

Commercial Toilet, Restroom, Lavatory Partition and Bathroom Stalls Installer. Toilet Enclosures: Floor anchored and Overhead braced. Entrance Screens: Floor anchored. Comtec, Columbi, Moen, Hadrian Inc. Accessibility: (Part 1) Toilet compartments which are accessible to the physically handicapped shall be in.

Solid-polymer toilet compartments configured as toilet enclosures and urinal screens. This Section includes toilet compartments as follows: 1.