Concrete ceiling repair

These repairs are simple and quick, and no longer require forms. Concrete Ceiling Repair Parking Garage Repair with REED LOVA. Hello, The underground garage has a hole (I’m not sure what to call it) in the concrete ceiling. The Condo has gotten some contractors to fill it . Concrete Parking Garage Ceiling Repairposts Concrete Ceilingposts ceiling repair/finishingposts hole in plaster/concrete ceilingposts from www. How to repair a concrete ceiling eHow UKwww.

HomeSimilarNew types of materials help repair concrete ceilings. Building Interior image by Yali Shi from Fotolia. Cracks or damage to concrete ceilings indicate a . Fosroc supplies a variety of concrete repair products, designed to bond and seal cracked concrete on a variety of building projects. Cracks or damage to concrete ceilings indicate a problem.

With a little prep work you can make a lasting and permanent repair. The ceiling is concrete, and it has some cracks, and is crumbling in some spots. What is the best way to repair these ceiling cracks?

Repair of corroded reinforced concrete ceiling. There are many cases where the steel reinforcements corrode due to .