Detecting carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (known by the chemical abbreviation CO) is often referred to as a silent killer. This toxic gas is produced by . Because of carbon monoxide’s nature, it is very difficult to detect. You can take the first step by looking for some of the factors that lead to CO emission. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are commonly mistaken for the flu,. CO alarms are similar in design to smoke alarms (which do not detect CO) . Read about carbon monoxide poisoning, including symptoms,.

Breathing in high levels of carbon monoxide gas can cause more severe symptoms. Gas Safe Register (for gas appliances); Heating Equipment Testing and . Save your life, and/or the lives of those around you; Low Cost+High Performance=Best Value; Save money on . I have just been waken up by an alarm and found out that my. Surf a civilian aircraft supply.

Last Monday, carbon monoxide from gas-burning furnaces filled two houses — one on Long Island and one in East . A carbon monoxide detector or CO detector is a device that detects the presence of the carbon. For carbon monoxide detection, the electrochemical cell has advantages over other technologies in that it has a highly accurate and linear output .