Double backed tape

There are two main varieties of double sided industrial tape, those with thick bonding systems and those with thin bonding systems. Exact cut , easy to use with no backing paper, will not dry out on the roll. A lineless, double sided tape with photo safe, permanent adhesive on both sides.

A no mess alternative to glue for light duty attaching and mounting tasks . Available in customised rolls, sheets and die-cut shapes. The fabric will not stretch and guarantees strength. No need for rivets or glue with our range of seriously strong double sided tapes.

Our range includes 3M VHB tapes, Titan very high bond tapes, Tesa, Advance, Scapa and more. The adhesive layer can be applied to either one or both sides of the backing (to create single- or double-sided tape). The typical structure of double-sided . These tapes are resistant to high temperature, UV rays, moisture, . Double Sided Tape at Walgreens.

Mounting Tape, Tape Thickness 17. A no-mess alternative to glue for light duty attaching and mounting tasks. They conform to MIL SPEC MIL-P.

We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices.

Use permanent double-sided tape as an alternative to glue when mounting papers and photos at the office, at home or at school. A range of double sided tapes are available at packaging express online store. It is very popular in printing and construction industries. This tape is coated with permanent adhesive on both sides.

Can-Do National Tape has over 1years of experience . Free shipping on most orders $or more. Equipped with our powerful permanent adhesive, this double-sided tape defies gravity, holding an item up to pounds. Electrically conductive, non-porous carbon tapes suitable for SEM or EDX applications. The double sided adhesive permits quick mounting of samples without . Hold your turning blanks firmly to your faceplate without screw holes.

Tape holds best to smooth, even and finished wood surfaces. A selection of tapes used in picture framing and picture mounting (art or photo mounting). Includes picture mounting tape and frame backing tape.

Circular double sided tape Antenna Re-Fix Pad Black. The Co-Star antenna refix pad is designed to re-install circular hockey-puck antennas that are . Ideal for mirror mounting, point of sale and .