Drano max gel standing water

It is formulated thick enough to easily pour through water straight to the clog, dissolving it fast. Gel sitting on top of the water is an unusual . Its thick gel formula clings to .

Maximum strength and the gel helps stick while it dissolves away stuff. Obvious solution: drano the fuck out of it. Drano Max Gel pours through standing water and works fast to clear . For each product they make separate claims, for example on their Max Gel they say it.

They say even if your sink or tub has water in it the gel is heavier so it pours. Find online at everyday low prices at Walmart. Supposedly it works through the water and down the drain. This product is designed to pour through standing water.

Pours through standing water and works fast to restore your. The thick Drano Max gel clings to clogs longer to help clear the toughest clogs. It pours through standing water to get at the source of the clog and return you.

Safe for all pipes, it works great to . Heavier than water formula pours straight through standing water and works quickly to restore drains.

Formulated thick to dissolve the toughest clogs. Heavier-than-water formula pours straight through standing water and . Background: Sink started to get partially clogged around two weeks ago. Thick, pours through standing water.

Removes hair, soap scum and other gunk. You could have bunches of hair shavings that clogged your sink, Drano works for that. Works in as little as minutes. Handles hair, grease, and gunk. The clog remover can be poured through standing water and . There was no standing water when we used it.

If you have standing water over your clogged drain, take another. Both Liquid Plumr and Drano offer gel clog removers that are made to cut . Great on tough hair clogs guaranteed! Drano Solution Solver: Standing water, slow running drain.

We see water down the pipe and think the standing water might be because we failed. Similar in chemical composition, Liquid-Plumr and Drano drain. Gel drain clog remover can be applied through standing water and directed into the .