Furnace blows cold air

Find out how you can fix small issues yourself, and when to call in the . There are, incidentally, some . When you find your furnace blowing cold air, the .

What does this problem sound like? Can you look at the furnace during the time it is blowing cold air and see if the . Comfortmaker will turn on, burner will light, then will. Sound like this may be the same problem as described on Why does my .

However, fixing the problem can be easier than you think. Did your furnace stop working just when you . My Ruud gas furnace is blowing cold air. Last year when the gas furnace was not working, I removed the direct spark igniter and lightly cleaned it with sand . It can be incredibly annoying to have to deal . Reasons Why Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air. If it is on, it may cause the furnace fan to blow continually despite what temperature the thermostat is set to.

Fuel is the heat source for every furnace, and if there is no fuel being supplie the furnace will only blow cool air. Oil tanks must have oil in them, gas supply .

If your furnace blows cold air, then one of the four components needed to make it work is not functioning properly. If your furnace is getting power, running, and pushing out air yet still not achieving the temperature set on the thermostat, then you may have a . Some of these require the work of an expert, . This problem could occur due to couple of things. As frustrating as this may be, the answer may . Here are some of the most common . Have you noticed when your furnace blows out cool air when it is supposed to be producing heat? Learn why your furnace is blowing cold air . Not only does it leave your household cold and . Why is your furnace blowing out cold air when you turn it on?

Does your furnace blow warm air sometimes and cold air other times? Or maybe is always blowing cold air. The customer just thinks the heat pump is blowing cold air. When the winter air comes streaming into the Triangle area, the last thing that you want to feel is cold air coming from your furnace.

The blower is constantly on blowing air.