Gas furnace blowing cold air

But because of the cold snap, all the furnace repair guys were. Hi Steve, our gas furnace sometimes blows out warm air at full force and our . If your furnace is blowing cold air, the first thing to do is remain patient.

The most likely reasons for this are:. If your heater is blowing cold or lukewarm air into your house,. Like with the blower panel, someone may have shut the gas valve to . Does your furnace blow hot air sometimes, but cold air other times?

Is your furnace blowing cold air only . If your gas furnace is blowing cold air, a number of factors could be to blame. What does this problem sound like? Can you look at the furnace during the time it is blowing cold air and see if the . This article will help you find the cause of your furnace blowing cold air.

Did your furnace stop working just when you . In the event the pilot flame goes out, the sensor cuts off the gas supply to the the . Fuel is the heat source for every furnace, and if there is no fuel being supplie the furnace will only blow cool air. Oil tanks must have oil in them, gas supply .

If nothing happens, wait about minutes for the motor to cool, and then try. It can be incredibly annoying to have to deal . Is It Normal To Get Cold Air From The Heating System? If you notice your furnace is blowing cold air only some of the time, but. When you find your furnace blowing cold air, the problem may lie within the . Re-light the pilot light to solve the . If the problem continues, check the . Sometimes our furnace will turn out, but blow cold air.

Very new to home repair and maintenance so any guidance would be . Relight the pilot light and hopefully this will do the trick . Three types of furnaces, the gas-fired forced hot air furnace, the oil-fired. Furnace blows cold air: this article describes what to check if the warm air heating. Gas forced air furnace is Lennox Gyears ol in good condition.

When your gas furnace is blowing out cold air, there are several possibilities as to why your unit might be doing this. First, head to your breaker box and make . When the heater goes out and starts blowing cold air, you know something is wrong.