Ge circuit breakers cross reference

Search by Product Category: Residential Circuit Breakers. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with Self-Test . Circuit Breakers Conversion Kits and. Search Pubs GE Industrial Solutions Smart Catalog. Find a local distributor or a GE sales representative.

What breakers are listed for use in a GE Panel for residential use? Are obsolete Sylvania Panels listed for use with GE. Westinghouse panelposts Panel Interchangabilityposts Breaker Cross Reference Chart?

What Circuit Breakers Are Compatible With GE Breaker Boxes? Home Repair Maintenance › Interior Home RepairChoose circuit breakers that are compatible with a GE breaker box for safety. Grounded Outlets and a built-in circuit breaker.

GE is a registered trademark of General. EATON CORPORATION UL Classified Replacement Circuit Breakers. Unfortunately, we cannot give a cross-reference because no manufacturer has a functional equivalent of . My Products My Documents; US/EN Change country; Login/Join Partner Home.

See All Products Residential and Small Business . I found this nice website that has a breaker cross reference (lists what fits). That is one reason I don’t like the GE/CH-BR/Siemens/Homeline . Circuit Breaker Application Guide/Competitor Cross Reference. Application of ABB CTs with Low Voltage Circuit Breakers. Nobody wants to hear about you putting those Murray breakers from the dollar.

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