How much sod on a pallet

So pallets will yield 4to 6square feet of sod or cover approximately 0. Calculating Amount of Sod Required to Cover an Area. How much area will one piece of sod cover?

Each pallet of Tall Fescue or Kentucky Bluegrass contains 6square feet of sod. Zoysia and Bermuda sod have 5square feet. Sod roll and pallet dimensions. If you have any questions about sod specifications or how much your vehicle can handle, feel free to give us .

Our small pallet size holds 4sq ft of grass, and our large pallet size holds 5sq. Each grass has been selected by Carolina Turf for its characteristics of use and. Delivery cost is based on how many pallets needed and how far it is going. Perhaps more important than the type is how much sod you need to cover your yard.

Augustine sod usually offer the . Is this OK or to much for the truck. I plan on putting it down tomorrow but . Depending on the moisture content of the soil, sod can weigh anywhere from to pounds per piece. The price of sod can vary depending upon many different factors.

One of the best determining factors of how much your sod will cost is the square feet of area . Our SOD is available in individual rolls or full pallets transported directly from our sod nurseries to Super-Sod Stores for pick-up or delivery. How soon should sod be installed after receiving delivery? A pallet of sod can vary in weight. Based on how moist the pieces are when cut, a pallet can weigh anywhere from . Keep in-mind: Because sod is shipped by weight, a pallet of turf grass covers approximately 4to 4square feet of lawn and varies by . Harmony Outdoor Brands 500-sq ft Bluegrass Sod.

Perfect for residential use and delivered right to your home. If your wondering how much sod cost to have installed? How many square feet does one Pallet of Sod cover? There are rolls or 7square feet of sod on one pallet.

We sell sod by the square foot and can sell . Milberger purchases sod from only the best growers in the state. When the sod is cut it is rolled and stacked on wooden pallets for moving and. Remember, a pallet of sod weighs approx.

One of the many advantages of sod is that your window of opportunity is much larger than with . Sod Pickup, Deliver, Installation.