How to fix bathtub drain

I am so sorry this takes me so long to explain. This is one of my early videos. I will do better in the future.

Usually, the problem is easy to fix, though the procedures vary . Once you remove the old stopper, installing the new one is . Learn how to easily identify and fix problems with your bathtub drain stopper. When you flip the overflow lever up, it pushes the rod down on the stopper’s. The actual leak was occurring in between the gasket that sits on top of the bathtub. Corrosion and clogging are the major reasons that lead to the replacement of the bathtub drain pipe.

Bathtub drain repair involves both the drain and the assembly that operates the stopper. There are several things that can go wrong. I have somehow broken the bathtub trip lever and it is detached from the inside. Eventually every bathtub is going to need some repairs and for some reason replacing the drain and popup seems to be one of the hardest jobs for people to . Insert the drain wrench into the drain and rotate counter clockwise to loosen the drain. It will probably be pretty hard to turn and feel stuck, but keep trying it will . Remove the two screws that fasten the trip lever to the tub.

Whether for repair or replacement, the process of removing most tub drains is. If the trip lever on your bathtub has stopped working or if water slowly leaks down the drain when the tub is full, repairing or replacing the . Most tub clogs are caused by hair and. Ways To Unclog Your Bathtub Drain With Standing Water. It is important to unclog your bathtub drain as soon as possible because standing.

Pump the plunger to create suction . We needed to remove the pop-up drain plug in our bathtub because it had become discolored. As you can see there is no easy way . Getting the drain clear will make your .