How to snake a toilet drain

If the stoppage is in the toilet itself or in the drain . With the other hand on the handle, crank the auger to gently work the cable into the toilet drain. See more article icon How To: Get Rid of Drain Flies.

Believe it or not, there are actually multiple ways to unclog your toilet with common household items without having to get your hands dirty. I used my closet auger (toilet snake) to try and clear the clog. A closet auger ($to $40) is specifically made for snaking out toilets.

Here are easy-to-follow instructions on how to unstop clogged drains, toilets, and sewers.

Read these instructions carefully before undertaking these jobs. Snakes are known to hide out in unexpected places. How can snakes come up toilet pipe?

Learn more about snakes in toilet pipes at HowStuffWorks. Ideally, the soapiness and the weight of the hot water being poured into the bowl will help clear out whatever is clogging your drain. If you want to make your own toilet snake, you do have several options. If you do snake your own toilet, wear protective clothing, including gloves and . Plumbing snakes (also called augers) are made in two varieties: drain.

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If the water is not draining out of the toilet at all, then it is totally blocked. A plumbing snake – available in most DIY and home improvement stores, and even in . The rat will usually go back down the drain the same way it came up. Is your toilet being used as an open door into your home by snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches and other pests?

With over years of experience in the plumbing . Additionally we will explain in detail how to make your own . Find great deals on for Drain Snake in Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures. M Drain Unblocker Waste Pipe Kitchen Plunger Sink Snake Toilet Rod. Not sure why the drain cleaners would specifically target toilets and not. Learn how to unclog drains without chemicals, unclogging drains is easier than you think,. Drain Cleaner With Drill Attachment Pipe Plumbing Snake Clog Sink Toilet.

Place the plunger into the toilet drain straight and vertical. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel 1.