Install bathroom mirror

While there are tricks to hiding those plastic clips, this tutorial addresses the original issue: hanging a bathroom mirror like the professionals, . Every bathroom needs to have a mirror, but it’s important that it’s installed correctly. Discover just how easy it is to do yourself in this . Two 40-pound hangers are used to support the mirror. One is nailed directly into a stu the other into the wall.

The two hangers will provide plenty of strength to . Every bathroom needs at least one mirror. Without a mirror in the bathroom, it would be extremely difficult to shave, brush one’s hair, or put on makeup. Whether you looking to install a simple bathroom mirror over the sink to an extensive gym fit out, Mirrorworld can now offer the complete one stop package for all . Hanging a bathroom mirror requires much more than pounding a nail into the wall.

This Home Depot Guide explains different options for installing bathroom . Bathroom mirrors are ideally located below a bathroom sink but you can choose any location you want as long as it is installed neither too high nor too low. Please find below our library of product installation guides. An installation guide is also included with every mirror purchased. If you require further technical .