Lexan home windows

What do you think about using lexan or plexiglass as an extra layer of window security? Aiming to add an extra layer of security against bricks, hammers, and smash and grabs. Do they make Lexan (or similar) windows for homes? As a bit of a security nut, my concern is that I can put up solid . Lexan storm windows and Lexan storm panels are second to none when it comes to withstanding the full force of a hurricane or storm gale.

If vandalism or intrusion is a concern for your home, garage, or business, consider covering vulnerable windows with Lexan polycarbonate sheeting from ABC . Plastics Performance are Europe’s leading manufacturer of flat and 3-dimensional thermoformed Lexan window kits, windscreens, side windows and rear . Home Residential Glass Plexiglass and Lexan Windows. Plexiglas and Lexan are trade names for acrylic and polycarbonate sheet. I also know that LEXAN is also used where bullet-proof installations. There are only about windows in the house that are easily accessible . I am getting close to the point where I will have to order glass or buy lexan for the windows.

The cabin house sides are slightly curved so if I use . LEXAN Polycarbonate Sheet offers an alternative to glass and for.