Magnetic sweep

Magnetic sweeper suppliers: Rhino, Nailbiter magnetic sweepers and custom built industrial sweepers. Kennedy High power magnet for easy pick-up. Find great deals on for Magnetic Sweeper in More Hand Tools.

Pick up sharp ferrous objects quickly and effortlessly with this magnetic sweeper, complete with inch ferrite magnetic face, switchable release and adjustable . Electro magnetic sweepers for the collection of iron particles from metal contaminated areas. Magnetic Sweeper Pickup Tool quickly and easily collects screws, nails and other metal objects that may be littered about. Magnetic brooms allow for the collection of metal impurities on the floors (metal shavings, nails, grind dust) in workshops, factory halls or parking lots.

Pull release handle to easily clear . Application driven design for superior performance. Magnetic nail sweepers are magnetized push brooms on wheels that can pick up metal waste inside and usually outside your home. They work well in areas where it is very difficult to . The sweep easily snaps up metallic debris for quick clean up of various home . Avoid damage with heavy-duty industrial magnetic sweepers. Shop our selection of American made forklift and vehicle mounted sweepers here. Shop for Magnetic Sweepers at Grainger.

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Permanent Magnetic Sweepers (MSP series). All Storch Magnetic Handhel Push, Tow-Behind Roa Lot, Runway and Grounds sweepers for vehicles, trucks . Magnetic Sweepers are useful for quick cleaning of dangerous ferrous scrap metal including iron chips, shavings, nails, pins from shop floor. Mini Magnetic Sweeper picks up nails, screws, paper clips and any other ferrous metal items.

This sweeper is excellent for the home, . The E-Magnets Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper provides the perfect solution to the problem of clearing small ferrous metal objects, such as nails, . The sweeper is ergonomically friendly with an efficient handle controlled release . The construction of this sweeper . Find all the manufacturers of magnetic sweepers and contact them directly on DirectIndustry. Heavy duty forklift magnet sweepers, made in Britain to the highest quality. Simple operation with easy clean function.

The Magnetic Shop Sweeper works on hard floors or carpeted areas. This hand-held magnetic sweeper offers the ability to clean right up to the edge of walls or .