Magnetic sweeper with wheels

Powder Coat Steel Handle Extends . This magnetic floor sweeper keeps your garage and metal shop clear of screws, nails, nuts and metal shavings on the floor! The magnets in this floor sweeper .

Rhino R-6and R-9and Nailbiter magnetic sweepers are strong and sturdy and come with large rubberised wheels for easy handling. With wheels and an extra-wide sweep hea this magnetic sweeper is ideal for quickly and easily picking up hardware, scrap and other metal parts over . Roofing magnet sweepers that help you pick up roofing nails. Designed with the pickup power of the Scape Series wheeled push broom, the Tundra was .

Harbor freight tools pound strength magnet sweeper scraping tool. Avoid damage with heavy-duty industrial magnetic sweepers. Type Alt Sweeper with Shock Protection Wheels. Our rolling magnetic sweeper with wheels . The model type with wheels located at the rear is ideal for cleaning directly . Effectively ensure the workplace clean and . Magnetic Floor Sweeper make for easy . The only issue is that the wheels cause the magnet to be too high off the . The 7” rubber coated wheels also provide great grip on most surfaces and are also suitable for delicate surfaces that .

Easy to operate over most terrain, these durable sweepers . With the strong holding force of . Optional wheel attachments are available for all sizes. Electro magnetic sweepers for the collection of iron particles from metal contaminated areas. The comfort grip on hand held models . The sweeper is fitted with two large robust rubber wheels The direction of the . Unique lever release system for fast debris removal. Fork pockets fit on forks up to 5W.

Lareg capacity magnetic sweeper that can collect up to lb of metal débris. Adjustable, rubber grip handle. For high-quality Foreign Object Debris (FOD) sweepers, look no further than the. Our powerful, black anodized permanent magnetic bar assembly will keep.

M-Series unit, allowing you to push it by . The LRM sweepers come in two different sizes. Both units feature steel rim wheels and hold hundreds of nails. These units are assembled in USA and are . The optional rake loosens metal debris from grass or . Find all the manufacturers of magnetic sweepers and contact them directly on.

Quickly and easily clear floors of ferrous metal debris with this magnetic sweeper.