Plastic recycling bins

Kitchen bins, Kitchenware, Cooking, dining and kitchen . Our kitchen recycling bins can ensure your home can recycle effectively. Fast delivery and best prices guaranteed on all products as standard.

IndyBest finds waste holders to organise your . Buy plastic recycling bins online from Plastic Box Shop, the space-saving specialist. Receive free delivery to mainland UK on orders over £50. Please put the right material in your recycling bins.

Things that can go in your brown bin include: glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles (but not the lids), tins, . What happens to my plastic tubs, pots and trays? Put them in your grey non-recyclable bin and they are . End markets for these plastics are limited and our recycling partners do not accept them. Bag and box: Two boxes with lids for mixed recycling . Please remove these items from the recycling bin and put your bin back out for.

Remember to rinse all containers and remove the lids from plastic bottles and squash them so they take up less space . The blue bag is for paper and cardboard and the green one for plastic bottles . All recyclable waste should be placed in your recycling containers and any leftover non-recyclable.

We no longer collect plastic film – Read about plastics. Only refuse contained within the bin (with the lid closed) will be collecte extra bags will not be taken by the binmen. Please do not place recyclable items in either black sacks or plastic bags, . The only plastics you can put in your recycling bin are plastic bottles and containers. Plastic bags cannot be recycled due to the automated sorting machinery. Recycle Away offers plastic recycling . Help us recycle by putting the right material in the right bin or container.

General waste, Put in your blue bin. Padded envelopes, Put in your . Green kerbside recycling boxes are collected fortnightly, alternating with your green. Most residents have more in their blue bins, than they do in the green bin. Blue top recycling bin – What goes in it and how to use the service. Plastics recycling and waste icon, Plastic bottles recycling and waste icon.

The Solway Bin and liner system is used by 40farmers to recycle their waste plastics. We can only empty your grey bin if it contains loose recyclable items only so no bags please.