Rubber wheel chock

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Get any job done with wheel chocks . Visit Polymax today to view our range of chock . Trusted UK Specialists in Products for . Our rubber wheel chocks are also available in heavy duty, recycled 88-to our light to medium duty 68-in black and orange.

All Durable wheel chocks meet . OSHA safety regulations require power industrial trucks to be chocked with at least two wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from rolling whenever it is parked. Security chain helps prevent theft. Either side of wheel chock can be positioned . Features an eye bolt for chain or rope attachment.

Durable, heavy-duty rubber construction Loop handle lets you hang chocks out of the way when not in use Lower profile works well with sports cars and other. Heavy Duty Alum Wheel Riser, 24x12x120. Curved surface contours to fit tires. There are other common heavy duty rubber chocks which .

Browse our latest Speed Bumps . Keep even heavy trucks and trailers stationary with this Dynaline heavy-duty rubber wheel chock. Its rubber compound is reinforced with heavy-duty ny. Rubber Wheel Chock-Steel Handle, 9. Resistant to sun, salt, oil and acid. Wheel chocks are made of tough, reinforced rubber.

Secure your heavy vehicles with rubber wheel chock (also known as wheel stoppers). RC8GENERAL PURPOSE WHEEL CHOCKS are designed for “over the road”. They are composed of durable rubber that make them strong and safe in . Chocks are placed for safety in addition to setting the brakes. The bottom surface is sometimes coated in rubber to enhance grip with the . They are strong, safe, maintenance-free, and resistant to damage from UV, . The wheel chock prevents drive offs before equipment is removed from the . Molded into one piece, from nylon and polyester reinforced rubber, . This heavy-duty rubber wheel chock prevents accidents by keeping vehicles stationary during loading, unloading or maintenance.

RUBBER WHEEL CHOCKS These ribbed rubber wheel chocks that have reflective tape on all three sides. Chocking, also known as blocking, is done to prevent trucks .