Senior home safety

Make sure your senior parents are living safe in their home with home modifications, safety measure and aging in place changes. Older People Safety Advice, Information and Resources. However older people, in particular the frail elderly, are one of the groups of our population most vulnerable to accidents, particularly in and around the home.

Information on keeping safe at home, including gas and fire safety, protecting yourself from scams and dealing with floods. Six out of every falls happen at home, where we spend much of our time and tend to move around without thinking about our safety. A home safety assessment helps keep seniors safe.

Recent research conducted by Home Instea Inc.

A senior home safety business is ideal for anyone who wants to help others, be their own boss and work flexible hours out of your own home. Falls are the main cause of injury, hospitalization and invalidity among Canadian seniors. One half of all injuries occur at home. Simple steps to increase safety at home and away from home.

A recent study conducted for the National Institute of Aging found that about percent of elderly . Top DIY Tips For Home Safety: All Rooms. Age can change how you approach daily life. These home safety features can help to make the transition in senior living less hazardous. For senior citizens who love to stay at home, for active elders who love outdoor activities and for the new generation of active elders who love smart technologies .

Accidents can happen anywhere in the home. Check this guide and make sure your home is safe! Just the Facts Here are some stunning statistics about falls and the resulting injuries: . The Graceful Aging website provides useful, relevant advice and tips on home safety for seniors. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home, and seniors are no exception. K yearly doing simple home safety checks for.

The Hull Fire Department has been providing fire protection and emergency services for the town of Hull for . While many seniors prefer to live independently, most homes . Our home safety screening services include home inspection, reporting and home . Seniors are involved in more than 2. Active and independent older adults sometimes choose to live in adult . As our parents age, we become increasingly concerned about their safety at home. You might find yourself wondering if Mom can get around . Take the extra step to ensure home safety for seniors. Get your senior home security today!

This checklist helps ensure the safety of elderly building occupants. Increasing their light bulb wattage in hallway, storage closets, and kitchens can help your loved ones feel safer and more confident in their home. Hundreds of thousands of older Americans are treated in hospitals due to injuries they have sustained within the confines of their own .