State industries water heater warranty

State Water Heaters are covered under a limited warranty. For warranty information on your water heater, please visit our warranty site. Expansion Tanks State Racing Sales Rep Login. Find a local installer Search Now . State) warrants the tank in this water heater in case of a leak . Need help with a State Water Heater?

Call us anytime between 7am – 6pm CST. State Water Heaters has a long history of supporting NASCAR. State Water Heaters (the warrantor) will furnish the. This warranty shall apply only when the water heater is.

Download the State Water Heaters app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. If you would like to check your warranty, please click on Heater Info and select Verify Warranty. Service Provider can file your on-line warranty claims for service or water heaters without the submission of any.

Click Here (State Distributor) . STATE Water Heater The date of production/manufacture or age of a STATE water heater can be determined from the serial number. Read reviews of State water heaters written from to or. Company doesn’t register warranty unless home owner provides HUD-1form or .