Sticky mats

Browse our multi layer cleanroom sticky floor mats. Also reusable polyboard rigid frames for any size . UK leading online provider of sticky floor entrance mats, tack rags and wipes and sticky rollers.

Our Sticky Mats are 9 effective when correctly use applied and when layers are peeled of as they wear out. We have an ISO-certified five step dust and . Tackymats, Sticky mats, Tak mats, tack matsFrom £11. Floor frames available for sticky mats.

Effectively capture dirt and dust. A sticky mat ideal for clean room areas. Removes dirt, dust and swarf from foot traffic.

Ambient Sticky Mats are ultimate floor heating mat, designed for quick, easy, reliable installation. It is commonly thought that using disposable, adhesive peel off mats, tacky mats or sticky mats is the answer to contamination control. Washable sticky mats, by Dycem, last for years and reduce the ongoing cost of replacing peel off sticky mats. Trap dirt at the entrance to your data center, cleanroom, or other controlled environment with these sticky mats.

Are cleanroom sticky mats being properly used in your cleanroom? Tacky Mats for contamination control and critical environments.

Read our sticky mats for clean rooms install guide to minimize cleanroom . Sticky Mats (also know as clean room mats) take the dirt and debris off shoes before it enters the interior! The specialty adhesive pulls the dirt off and does not . The “Sticky Mat” combines the mechanical . Its adhesive surface pulls dirt and dust from shoes, wheels, and other passing objects on . Clean Room Sticky Mats are ideal for preventing dirt and debris to enter sensitive areas. Remove and trap unwanted dirt, dust, and . For more than thirty years, Cleanline Sticky Mats have been the standard for cleaning shoe soles before entry into clean rooms. They have proven effective in a . The tacky surface pulls dirt and dust off shoe soles before they . Tack mats from Universal Site Supplies.

Professional Sticky Mats prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering any controlled working environments. Tacky mats for cleanrooms and laboratories.