Switching from gas to electric water heater

Sep 20- Converting a gas hot water tank to electric is easier than you might think. In theory, electric tankless water heaters approach 1 efficiency. I’m trying to replace a conventional chimney vent natural gas water heater.

For various reasons, I want to switch to just about anything else to . GAS TO ELECTRIC WATER HEATER CONVERSION. Electric vs gas water heater: Learn the difference in this hot water heater buying guide. Find high-efficiency models with energy savings. I want to change my water heater from gas to electric but don’t have enough room in my panel box for a 2can i move some things around to . My yrs old gas water heater has been screaming replace me since.

Since we must maintain and monitor both an electric and gas water heater, I figured I would comment on many of the reasons I prefer the electric option. I’m considering switching to an electric tankless water heater. I’ve read conflicting information and would appreciate recommendations from . The most costs related to this change will be the wiring.

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