Tub cut outs

Our tub to shower conversion process is fast, affordable, and works on just about any bathtub. Offers tub to shower conversion and handicap accessible tub options including tub cut outs, walk through inserts or tub inserts with door. When no longer neede the cut-out piece can be replace restoring the .

Great explanation on the tub cut and how it is actually done and its benefits Great product for any one having a. Refinishing Unlimited – DISCOUNT for veterans. Check out our QuickTubTM Cap Removable Door video below, . Have you told your tub that you will stick with it in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, and now feel you have .

Adds easy step-in shower access to your existing tub! Installation completed on existing tub! Greatly reduces the possibility of falls.

Shower-tub combinations can be difficult and unsafe to get in and out of when your mobility is limited. This is the wall portion of the tub that you are currently stepping over and will be cutting out. Therefore, you will want to make sure you . Our tub cutouts are installed on your existing tub, enabling easy, step-in access.

Bathtub cutouts offer an alternative to . Our walk-in inserts complement most tubs, even bumped-out cast iron tubs.

Experts in tub to shower conversion and tub cut out. Bathroom safety is extremely important for the mobility impaired. Eliminates the need to rip out the existing tub. Depending on your need there are several different tub-cut options to choose from . The sections that are cut out, are re-use so that . Customized cut-out the exact width and height you need for safe shower access.

Custom shower doors can be fit to the existing tub with new cutout. Our innovative method of tub cutting allows for substantial savings. Tub to Shower Conversion Portland Experts! Just save the section that we cut out when we do your original conversion and we can . We also install custom grab bars, bench bathtub seat, and hand held shower. Any Size Cut-out You want – Custom Sizing.

A very handy set of posters, perfect for your ice cream parlour role play area! Consistently, the jets have been cutting out .