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Trash Cans Your single source for janitorial supplies, paper products, site furnishings, odor control products. Cans feature hands-free, foot-pedal operation. Choose Type 3nonmagnetic stainless steel or nonporous .

Heavy-gauge steel construction protects poly bags. Liner: Rigid Plastic Liner gallon stainless steel square step can. Complies with the OSHA Standards. Piano hinge lid has restraining .

Source One Distributors is an Arizona based supplier of the widest possible selection of commercial cleaning supplies and equipment. Release catch at bottom permits waxed bag to drop directly into collection receptacle so personnel need not reach inside. Anthers approximate, but not united. Caliac 1-leave entire or 5-toothe 1-flowered.

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NEMA connectors are power plugs and receptacles used for AC mains electricity in North. United is committed to total customer satisfaction and excellence in everything. Quality – The finest materials combined with expert . Witt Industries is an Ohio based Manufacturer of high quality indoor and outdoor trash cans, recycling containers, waste receptacles, benches, site furnishings . The Secretary shall furnish, when requeste appropriate Government headstones or markers at the expense of the United States for the unmarked graves of . Flat push-on receptacles mm. Conductor cross section 35-mm². Tamper-resistant receptacles, mandated in all new residential housing and required in hospital pediatric wards for.

Plugs and receptacles with exclusive safety features to protect from arc flash. Quickly connect or disconnect motors, welders, generators, and more. If you require receptacles or urns in plastic, fiberglass or in metal Capital has the.

United Stainless Steel Collection – The elegance of stainless steel in mirror, . The manufacturing facility is now located in the new Tri-County Business Park,.