Water absorbent socks

Ideal for larger spills when used in conjunction with absorbent socks and pads. Premier Chemical Socks – Pack of 20. They absorb oils, coolants, solvents and water.

PIG Original Sock is ideal for everyday leaks. Our most absorbent sock, PIG Blue is filled with vermiculite to keep . Uses: This general purpose absorbent sock can be used for everyday maintenance, repair and general operations. Absorbs water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, .

The most flexible sock will fit around machines and into tight spaces to soak up leaks or . Shop Grainger for absorbent socks and booms. Protect your machinery from leaks and spills. Where liquids need to be contained and absorbe your best choice is one or more of these Ecospill absorbent socks. A water absorbent sock for windows and doors during heavy rain storms.

Solve the problems of basement leaks, window moisture and door leaks. Surround spills to prevent spreading with our heaviest absorbent sock. Products – Extensive range of oil absorbents including pads, socks, rolls, cushions, booms and.

The Drizit range of oil selective absorbents repel water.

This high capacity absorbent is ideal for diverting or pooling spills of water or oil . An effective product for quickly deploying in the event of water and oil . Absorbent socks for water and oil based spills. Used to absorb oil only Hydrophobic ie will not absorb water Perfo. Our General purpose absorbent socks are, probably, the best choice for most industrial and commercial applications. Our socks absorb both oil and water base . A unique product which enables you to absorb water from your fuel tank. Once placed in the tank the absorbent sock will begin to work straight away and within . As with all oil absorbents, water resistant so to . Oil absorbent socks contain highly absorbent polypropylene material.

The special water absorbing material will only hold the water, leaving the fuel oil, diesel or petrol in the tank. Simply leave the soaker in the tank until the sock is . By selectively absorbing oil and not water, these 1 polypropylene socks . Trap and absorb the oily spill—leave the water. Highest quality, enviro-friendly absorbent socks . Use absorbent socks for everyday use and emergency spill response.