Water heater install cost

If the last time you installed a hot water heater was years or more, you are probably wondering how much will it cost you in 2017? The Homewyse hot water heater replacement calculator uses industry-standard methods and up-to-date, professionaly screened cost data to deliver realistic . Replace your old water heater by scheduling a professional installation today. On the other han electric water heaters cost more to operate, but are more . Average cost to install a water heater is about $6- $8(whole-house tank natural gas for 3-people). Find here detailed information about water heater . The average cost for a water heater specialist is $380. To hire a water heater specialist to complete your project, you are likely to spend between $1and $815 . Its leaking, I know I need to deal with it before it completely goes, but I’m disheartened to hear that its $1100+ for install, delivery and the.

If extensive work is require installation can cost as much as or more than the water heater. CostHelper readers report paying $-$7for installation, for an . Look to Lowe’s for your water heater installation. Traditional or tankless, we can help you determine the right water heater to install in your home.