Lawn care in spring

At this time of year, the lawn is actively growing and requires feeding, moss-killing, weeding and regular mowing. Get your garden ready for summer by taking proactive action with spring lawn care. Find easy steps and expert advice with Homebase.

March Lawn Care Diary by Lawnsmith. First the bad news: if you neglect spring lawn care (and related concerns pertaining to your mower), you could end up paying for it the rest of . Your lawn will thank you for being. How to look after your lawn in spring, including mowing.

Learn some inexpensive ways to make your lawn look better this spring. The temperature is rising, the sun is sticking around longer, and lawn care is quickly rising to the top of your mind. Out spring lawn care tips show you how to scarify, spike . Includes moss control, scarification, aeration, fertiliser . During spring Greensleeves will review the condition of your lawn and apply our specially formulated spring lawn care feed designed to help restore your lawn.

Read our guide to getting your lawn back to good health after winter, including when to mow and what to feed your lawn in spring. If you cut the grass too short it is more likely to let weeds and moss root in. It can also lead to the dreaded yellow lawn look.

A beautiful lawn complements the rest of the garden and brings the whole thing to life!

The spring season is an important time for getting your lawn into top shape for the following months. What you do now in the spring by way of lawn care, will . Keeping your lawn green and healthy during the hot days of summer begins with properly caring for lawns in spring. The most mundane of all lawn care jobs, mowing is the most important one too. How you mow your lawn can develop it or destroy it. A lush green lawn is what we all dream of having in our gardens.

Naturally the lawn is an extremely important feature of the garden and . A summary of the blog posts relating to spring lawn care and the issues you will find on lawns in the months of March, April and May. Spring maintenance is the key to a . DIY tips and advice for planting and growing . The most important part of spring lawn care is to make sure that the lawn has plenty of opportunity to gently come back to life during the early spring months. As spring officially arrives, there are some lawn care activities that are timely and others that should wait. The following lawn care recommendations apply equally to both the . Some simple steps now can help assure .